DNNInfoNV Modules

With DNNInfoNV Classified Module you can run 4 different types of classified together into one website. With advanced features such as manageable form fields, template customization and advanced settings via administration control panel, this classified module will be perfectly suitable for your website. With our module, you can easily build business directory, jobs listings, car listings or real estate listings.



Our image galleries comes with 4 different Responsive JQuery Image gallery types, you can easily switch different image gallery and use it according to your needs.



DNNInfoNV Enquiry Form is a simple contact form contains a name, phone, email, subject and message, and fields. The form includes a captcha control to prevent spams and the submitted inquiries will be automatically saved into the database.

DNNInfoNV Classified Online Demo

Why dont try our DNNInfoNV Classified module first before deciding to purchase it. See the following site list for demo.

Business Directory Site
View Demo
Cars Classified Site
View Demo
Properties Classified Site
View Demo
Jobs Classified Site
View Demo

Test Demo Accounts

Admin Accounts

Username: demoadmin
Password: password12345

Member Accounts

Username: demomember, demomember2, demomember3, demomember4, demomember5

Password: password12345