1. What is source code license?

Source Code license - Enterprise license + source codes
This is a good option to buy, if you would like to modify the source codes of the modules to create your own requirements.

Please note that standard license will require a license key from us. Please do not forget to send us your domain name, so we can activate the license for your domain name. Please allows 24 hours for us to send the license key. Some modules may not required license key at all. See the modules descriptions for more details.

2. I have purchased the module and I do not like it and would like to have a refund.

All purchases that have been made will not be refunded. We recommend you to try the free version first, by downloading the module on our website at www.dnninfo.com. The free version might have the same functionalities with the standard one, some might have limitations. Please read the module product description for more details.

3. I have purchased the module and would like to upgrade, is it free?

All module purchased from us will have one year free upgrade. After one year of purchase, if you want to upgrade your module to newer version you will need to purchase the upgrade license. Note: upgrade is optional and you are forced to do so.

4. Do I need the license key?

No license key is required for source code version purchase..

5. What are the DNN requirements to install DNNInfo Modules?

Our module is built in C# 2008 and require minimum DNN version 6.0 and SQL Database 2008.