With DNNInfo Classifieds Module you can run 3 different types of classified together into one website. Total modules included are 34 modules in one installation. With advanced features, templates customization and advanced settings via administration control panel, this classified module will be perfectly suitable for your needs.

Member Sections
  • Ability to post/edit their own listings
  • Ability to edit their profile
  • Ability to view their payment records
  • Ability to ask question/rate a classified
  • Ability to view their own messages
  • Ability to sell your product in classified using PayPal
  • Ability to add Youtube videos
  • Ability to add your product's coupons
  • and much more...
Admin Sections
  • View all active/pending listings
  • View/Edit member messages
  • View/Edit classifieds ratings
  • View/Edit Categories (multilevel categories)
  • View/Edit Locations (country, states, and cities)
  • Ability to set an approval before a classified being published
  • Define classified packages for users to choose for their listing options
  • Allow payment via PayPal standard, EWAY, Authorize.Net, Pay via Phone, Bank Transfer or Money Order/Cheque
  • You can turn on/off expired for each classified
  • View statistics
  • Create/View/Edit Clients/Members
  • View Sales
  • Easy setup wizard to configure the module settings
  • and much more...
  • Built in css with div (give more flexibility to change the looks for the template)
  • Custom templates for all of classifieds types, you can set the looks and feels according to your need.
  • Quick classifieds for top download classifieds, top visited, top rated classifieds, etc
  • Custom 5 fields and 3 links plus includes all the basic classified information such as title, description, short description, adrress, etc. You may add your own defined fields or custom links
  • Hide or show specific fields
  • Built in Ajax for rating
  • Built in google adsense
  • Built in PrettyPhoto Jquery Image gallery
  • You can turn on/off expired for each classified
  • There are 3 classifieds types supported: Generic Listings, Car Listings and Property Listings
  • and much more...
Quick Features List
  • Built in payment package or free package, you can set if a listing need to be paid or not. Accept multiple payments like PayPal,, Bank transfer, Cheque or Money Order, or Pay via Phone
  • Built on email templates, all actions like Payments, ask question, new listing notifications etc are configurable.
  • Google maps features, you can have multiple address shown up on the site, each classified type have their own google maps.
  • Coupon and Videos features (Youtubes videos)
  • Built in roles, you can define which role can perform specific action for ex: add new car listing or ask a question..
  • Search features including exclusive search for properties and cars and as well price range listing and location search.
  • SEO friendly, all classified title will be added on the url including the Title and Description will be automatically fetched according to the listing information
  • and much more..
Payment Methods
  • These are the following payment methods supported by module
    Credit Cards (EWAY and Authorize.Net)
    PayPal Standard
    Bank/Wire Transfer
    Cheque/Money Order
    Pay via Phone

Sample of classified List Images

Sample of classified details

Using module DNNInfo_Classifies_ClassifiedMaps to populate multiple addresses

Using module DNNInfo_Classifies_CategoryImageListing to showcase your categories

Using Coupon Feature

Using Youtube Feature

Viewing statistic for most viewed classfieds based on monthly statistics

Entering information in Classified Form

Administration Control Panel

Sample Car List

Sample Property List


You will need the following requirements in order to run classified modules:

  • Dotnetnuke version 5.x.x or above
  • SQL 2000 or above (SQL Express included)


There are four types of licenses available:


If you have purchased standard version, please DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE US YOUR DOMAIN NAME (URL) and please allow 24 hours for us to send your license key. Activation for domain is only required if you purchased the STANDARD (DOMAIN) Version. All DNNInfo module purchase comes with 1 free Upgrade started from the purchase date.

Version 4.2.0



Our module documentation is available at