DNNInfo ImageGallery 6.0.0

Our image galleries comes with 10 different jquery Image gallery types, you can easily switch different image gallery and use it according to your needs. Some image gallery types comes with custom templates where you can style your own.

Quick Features

10 Types of Image Galleries

You can select and define the image gallery type such as LightBox, PrettyPhoto, DNNInfoGallery, AdGallery, FancyBox, S3Slider, CloudCarosuel, Nivo Gallery, Diapo or EasySlider Gallery

Built in Albums

You can define and create your own album and places all images to specific album

Templates Customization

Built in templates and you can customise the looks and feels via css. Auto resize for Albums and Images dimensions. Admin can define the settings

Free upgrade for 1 year

You will receive one year upgrade started from the date you purchase the module.

Gallery Screenshots

1. Sample of AdGallery

2. Sample of DNNInfoGallery

3. Sample of PrettyPhoto

4. Sample of LightBox

5. Sample of EasySlider Gallery

6. Sample of CloudCarousel Gallery

7. Sample of S3Slider Gallery

8. Sample of FancyBox Gallery

9. Sample of NivoSlider Gallery

10. Sample of Diapo Gallery



There are four types of licenses available:

If you have purchased standard version, please DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE US YOUR DOMAIN NAME (URL) and please allow 24 hours for us to send your license key. Activation for domain is only required if you purchased the STANDARD (DOMAIN) Version. All DNNInfo module purchase comes with 1 free Upgrade started from the purchase date.

Version 6.0.0



Our module documentation is available at http://docs.dnninfo.com