06.01. DNIFCL Classified List Module
11 Jan 2014 10:56:00 AM

DNIFC Classified List is a predefined template module where it will be used to display a list of classifieds/ads available on the site. The template is already predefined, you can only change the css style for it. The module has a predefine theme, so feel free to style the layout according to your needs. The content is now using div rather than table td tags, so by specifying the style in the css you should be able to create your own layout. There is another module which is DNIFCL Custom Classified List where you are able to specify your own template.

All the fields or data available on this module can be turned on/off via back end admin under DNIFCL Control Panel Module > Settings > View Settings (Left Menu), please go to control panel settings to learn more.

This is a sample of listing details.

Modules Settings

There is a module setting available on this module and we will list of what options are available.

To go to the module settings, you will need to login first as administrator or any account that has been granted access to use this module.

1. Details Page TabID Settings

By default, you dont need to specify the tab id in here, as the module will automatically locate where the module is installed. This option is a good option to use if you install more than once DNIFC Classified List module on the site. Lets say you install this module on the homepage and listings page. When someone click the listing link on the homepage you want the user to be redirected to the listings page rather than the homepage, so this option will allow you to overwrite where you want the listing to be redirected after clicking.

2. Themes Setting

Themes is another new featured added on version 4.1.0, where user be able to change all the styles of the module. If you want to use your own module, it is recommended that you copy all the folder and files and renamed it to other name and the new theme name should be displayed in here. The themes for this modules are located under /DesktopModules/DNNInfo_Classifieds/Skins/ClassifiedList

3. Default sort option

You can set what will be the default sort option for this module. For ex: title, latest ads, etc. Note: This setting will be overwritten if user select the sort option from dropdownlist. User preferrence will be saved into cookies.

4. Default no of records

You can set what will be the default no of records for this module. Note: This setting will be overwritten if user select the no of records from dropdownlist. User preferrence will be saved into cookies.

5. Specific Categories

You can only show listings that belong to those selected categories only. Note: the Remove Selections will remove your categories selections, but it is not used to remove the categories from the list box.

6. Hide Search Panel

Tick this will hide the search panel box located above of the classified listings list.

7. Hide Sort Field

Tick this will hide the sort field dropdownlist.

8. Hide Category Dropdonwlist

Tick this will hide the category dropdownlist.

9. Show category parent only

Tick this will only show the first level (parent level) category only. For ex: if you have subcategories, the subcategories will not be displayed, instead only parent categories will appear.

10. SQL Query

This is an advanced option and intended to use by programmers only, this query can be quite useful, if you want to alter the result of the classified listings by adding extra condition to the script. Please leave empty if you do not know how to use it. The sql query has to be started with attribute "AND" And has to include some table prefix (Alias Name), for ex: C represents DNNInfo_Classifieds_Classifieds Table. Please see the stored procedures for more details. For ex: if you want to show up classifieds only from classified ID from 100 to 1000, what you need to do is enter the sql query as below: AND (C.ClassifiedID >= 100 AND C.Classified <= 1000).

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