06.14. DNIFCL User Registration Module
11 Jan 2014 11:12:00 AM

DNIFCL User Registration module is used as another alternative registration module for your site. Note this module is not related or linked to default user registration core module. It is built for this module so you can handle the process of the registration according to your needs. For ex: after the user registers on the site, you want to redirect them to their account page.

Note: you can include or hide some profile fields. for more information please go to Control Panel > Settings > Profile Form.

Modules Settings

There is a module setting available on this module and we will explain what options are available.

To go to the module settings, you will need to login first as administrator or any account that has been granted access to use this module.

1. Themes Setting

Themes is another new featured added on version 4.1.0, where user be able to change all the styles of the module. If you want to use your own module, it is recommended that you copy all the folder and files and renamed it to other name and the new theme name should be displayed in here. The themes for this modules are located under /DesktopModules/DNNInfo_Classifieds/Skins/UserRegistration

2. Redirect URL

Once the registration is completed, you can automatically redirect the user to specific url.

3. Use email as username

You can force to use email as username for the registration form.

4. Header Information

You can include some header information text, located just above the form.

5. Registration Success Message

If there is no redirection url set, this message will appear after the user registration.

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