10. DNIFCL Classified Module Release Notes
11 Jan 2014 03:36:00 PM

Please find the changes / release notes of the module.

UPDATED: Split css into couple files for faster loading.
UPDATED: Remove icons from menu for faster loading.
UPDATED: Use newer bookmark icons for social media.
UPDATED: All buttons are now using simple css, no longer use icons for faster loading.
UPDATED: Add some cars models.
UPDATED: Table old format has been removed in Ask Question, Report Abuse, Rating in ClassifiedList Module. It is now using DIV tag instead.
UPDATED: Report Abuse and Email to Friend is now include auto scrolling in ClassifiedList Module.
UPDATED: Images for google map icons (for blue icons).
UPDATED: Images for google map icons dimension has been updated to longer and wider dimension.
UPDATED: Module names are now changed. You will need to run module renaming wizard.

FIXED: Paypal payment issue, now include a postback check to Paypal if payment_status is not returned in PayPal response.
FIXED: checkbox issue for all selection as newer DNN convert it to an image instead.
FIXED: The classified package is not automatically added when create new classified package
FIXED: When deleting resources packages, the resources cant be displayed anymore due to the flagging label issue.
FIXED: Misplaced of error message in resource languages when there are no resources records available.
FIXED: Category RSS Feed icon is still displayed even has been turned off
FIXED: Wrong text for button delete all in export/import email templates
FIXED: When adding new state, it doesnt added up, due to stateid is not properly added..
FIXED: Classifications in new property listing form is not properly load in admin control panel
FIXED: Highlight Expired date issue is not added properly.
FIXED: No of pending classifieds in admin home showing the wrong number.
FIXED: When save category (Not save and return button), if there is a category image, it will be wiped out.
FIXED: For Cars and Property Module the Image icon googlemap dimension are using the generic dimension instead.
FIXED: Total numbers of classifieds in member panel section.
FIXED: Show wrong list of classifieds in member panel section.

ADDED: Confirm message before deleting all settings files.
ADDED: Confirm message before deleting all email templates files.
ADDED: Add no record message when there is no records available for custom property list module.
ADDED: Header country ID in admin countries page
ADDED: Header State ID in admin states page
ADDED: Header Cities ID in admin cities page
ADDED: Settings available in Classified List Module that can now hide empty fields if there is no value.
ADDED: Most of the display modules will now has a theme to choose including admin control panel.
ADDED: Social Media connector for posting new ads (TWITTER AND FACEBOOK)

REMOVED: Remove back button in the classifiedlist module

ADDED: Multiple Languages support for all classified modules, no resources files needed (except control module settings)
ADDED: Required fields for the keywords
ADDED: Add no record messages for custom classified list module
ADDED: Features, PriceType, GroupType field in classified table
ADDED: 3 TextEditor fields in classified table
ADDED: 4 extra rating fields
ADDED: Add Rating template
ADDED: Add Voting for rating comment/message
ADDED: Default country for Profile Admin Form
ADDED: Sql Query Settings for Classified List Module (Cars, Generic, and Properties)

FIXED: PortalID issue in popup controls
FIXED: Website URL required fields for all classified types
FIXED: Missing Payment Received notification email template for admin
FIXED: Empty search for custom classified list that cause 404 error
FIXED: Promotion issues for new classifieds (dates are not recorded and promotion options are not saved)
FIXED: Required field city (Dropdownlist) is not visible
FIXED: Missing required field username in the user registration form
FIXED: Missing required field city in the user registration form
FIXED: Fix suburbs loading for profile form when the country field is hidden.

FIXED: default sorting issue in classifiedlist/customclassifiedlist module
FIXED: default sorting issue in classifiedlist/customclassifiedlist module
FIXED: default sorting issue in classifiedlist/customclassifiedlist module
FIXED: Car sold status in carclassifiedlist module

UPDATED: Update category listing (generic, car, property) styling by using accordion menu for better visibility.

UPDATED: The license key file has now been moved to the /DesktopModules/DNNInfo_Classifieds/DNNInfo_License/Portals/[PortalID]
UPDATED: Integrate the DNN search engine with classifieds data.

FIXED: Currency symbol in Price Range Listing module for Cars and Properties.
FIXED: Run setup wizard stored procedure

VERSION 3.8.4 AND 3.8.5
UPDATED: Profile Image and Default No images have now been changed
UPDATED: Add Postal Code text. it will now be Postal Code/Zip Code
UPDATED: Token replacement enhancement, where the replacement process will now load faster
UPDATED: Removing the prettyphoto URL extension id in the url address (when clicking the LINK)
UPDATED: Add jquery calendar to admin sales and admin pending sales.
UPDATED: The thumbnail image will now be a crop image with a fixed size specified in the image setting. This will make the additional images displayed properly consistent rather than different ratio sizes.
UPDATED: Profile image size dimension has now included the height and width.
UPDATED: In the Classified List module (GENERIC, CAR, PROPERTIES) will now include a automatic link back to the current advertiser listings.
UPDATED: Token [$FEATURED] will now return Yes or No. Please use [$FEATUREDCLASS] instead.

FIXED: Missing car sold and car sold date tokens in the view and form settings.
FIXED: Label missing in the promotion packages page
FIXED: Profile form, the city value doesnt want to save when using a dropdownlist mode for city field.
FIXED: Promotion renewal for featured expiry date is not accumulated properly
FIXED: Additional images are not properly set based on packages selection happens in admin form only.
FIXED: Token [$URL] returning the wrong tab id
FIXED: No of active classifieds/listings in member panel module
FIXED: 234243 label text in the member new listing form confirmation page
FIXED: Fix url bug in CustomCategoryListing module
FIXED: Profile image issue, when you upload an image, in the classified list module, it display the non resize image.
FIXED: Fix portal issue for Youtube that only work if the portal id is 0
FIXED: Admin edit property listing (closed field checkbox) is not saving properly.
FIXED: Closed property listing was still displayed even has been marked as closed.
FIXED: Fixed the Category listing counter that include closed listings.
FIXED: Email scheduler doesnt work if the database object qualifier using a prefix word.

ADDED: Add NetCash Payment gateway (still in BETA), this payment gateway is used in South Africa.
ADDED: Listing Types in the Search Property Module, there will be a dropdownlist field for 'For Sale', 'For Rent' and 'For Auction'. Note: For Auction will only appear if it is configured to be visible.
ADDED: Auto add longitude and latitude based on classified address (Note: this is configurable via Control Panel > Form Settings). Field for longitude and latitude must be hidden and address information must be visible for ex: address, city, post code etc..
ADDED: Show geocoding tool link. (Note: this is configurable via Control Panel > Form Settings). Field for longitude and latitude must be visible
ADDED: Category selection in the Classified List and Custom Classified List Module (Via module settings)
ADDED: Those tokens will return a div class that associated with images such as sold (For car and property), rented, and auctioned.
ADDED: Add Closed column in the admin generic listings.
ADDED: Add closed and sold status in the admin car listings.
ADDED: Add Property Status And Closed status in the admin property listings.
ADDED: Add a log table for storing schedule information log

ADDED: Added sort index field for additional images for all classifieds
ADDED: Added Car sold sign image

UPDATED: Enable the property type auction
UPDATED: Using Jquery calendar instead of dnn calendar
UPDATED: You can now switch the state and city dropdownlist in the search classifieds module (Generic, Cars, and Properties). This option is available in the module settings (Not in the control panel).

FIXED: exported classifieds xml broken in chrome browser
FIXED: Wrong payment required message when selecting free classified package.
FIXED: Profile car image value has caused an object is null in Car Classified List module.
FIXED: Missing delete confirmation text for deleting additional image in admin edit property listing page
FIXED: Hiding Category when there are no records available

ADDED: Captcha characters now available to all forms
ADDED: Setup wizard enable classified types
ADDED: First category can now be disabled. Note: Only available if you choose Category Checkbox list format.
ADDED: Validation summary error message on every classified form to help users to see what fields have been missed or entered incorrectly.
ADDED: Country Name, State Name and City Name in the URL search for better SEO capture.
ADDED: Price currency label and example price to avoid confusion for users to enter $ symbol in the field
ADDED: Added quick update for sorting index applies to Categories, Countries, States, Cities and Classification fields.
ADDED: Loading box for progressing in member panel

UPDATED: Youtube template text editor in control panel has now been changed to normal textbox for faster loading.
UPDATED: View the Country, State and City based on Sort Index followed by the name in the admin control panel

FIXED: Thumbnail for promotion form for Property Image
FIXED: Hide Classified Option types if they are not available in Promotion Form
FIXED: Missing checking for categorycheckbox list in classified listing module for all 3 category types
FIXED: Member New Car listing Package issue

ADDED: Picture profile for generic, car and properties
ADDED: Picture profile are now available in those modules : ClassifiedList, CarClassifiedList, PropertyClassifiedList.
For custom classified list, you will need to add this token: [$PROFILEIMAGEGENERIC], [$PROFILEIMAGECAR], [$PROFILEIMAGEPROPERTIES]
ADDED: Link to view advertiser other listings

FIXED: Profile fields mismatch with user profile form settings
FIXED: Missing querystrings when you go to the classified details page and return back to classified list (Generic, Car, and Properties Custom Classified List)

UPDATED: Client/Customer profile updates will now update into DNN Core users table.

FIXED: License warning note in localhost environment
FIXED: Categories fields in forms are not displayed when using classified packages
FIXED: Import xml issue

FIXED: The parent category shows the wrong categories values when editing a property or car categories
FIXED: Category Car and Property Image listing (the category querystring is wrong)
FIXED: Resource language for rent label in QuickPropertyList module.
FIXED: Highlight and Priority Expired Date mixed up.
FIXED: Category Image Listing columns
FIXED: Text editor issue for new listing
FIXED: Classified Package category issues
FIXED: Fix back button label in classified list module
FIXED: Replacing firstname, lastname and email fields in classified form
FIXED: Terms content is not displayed in classifiedlist module

ADDED: Add Existing tokens for replacing the advertiser name, email, username in email content.
ADDED: Checkbox Highlight option for admin
ADDED: Roles for classified packages
ADDED: Add pending payment classifieds in admin section

ADDED: Car Category Image Listing Module
ADDED: Property Category Image Listing Module
ADDED: Car Price Range Listing Module
ADDED: Property Price Range Listing Module
ADDED: Classified Promotion Options (priority listing and highlight option)
ADDED: Renewal option
ADDED: Automatic scheduler checking for expired classifieds
ADDED: Automatic scheduler checking for expired featured, priority listing and highlight option
ADDED: Download field is no longer limited to .zip file only

UPDATED: Ability to remove category image in Admin Categories Panel
UPDATED: Added Quick Update Settings configuration Admin Classified Packages page.
UPDATED: Automatically extract the video code from the url
UPDATED: Auto populate user profile in the new listing form

FIXED: Category Image Listing Issue
FIXED: Price Range sort index issue
FIXED: Approval issue for property listing
FIXED: Additional images issue [$DISPLAYICON] not properly populated.
FIXED: Export CSV Issue
FIXED: Fixed custom classified list that only display 10 records per page.
FIXED: Credit card payment radio button now show the credit card form
FIXED: When uploading an PNG format, there is a black background, this has been fixed.
FIXED: Paypal return url when cancelling a payment
FIXED: No of additional images allowed to be uploaded in member listing form
FIXED: Checkbox payment received notification email for cars and properties

FIXED: Labeling package
FIXED: Labeling Package payment
FIXED: Email Approval for Generic Classified
FIXED: Checkboxes for Captcha Code
FIXED: Category counter for expired classified
FIXED: Public users role access to the rating and email friend

ADDED: Added captcha code for registration for
ADDED: Stored procedure function to check for expired classified

FIXED: fix module.css that fix the ul li tags
FIXED: Missing labels for City in ControlPanel for New/Edit Clients
FIXED: button Reset label name in Search Location
FIXED: Page Event Validition issues for all modules that use JQuery Dropdownlist features
FIXED: RSS Feeds for categories
FIXED: Undefined text for pop up windows in Ask Question, Email Friend, Rating, and Report Abuse
FIXED: Fixed ask question email template
FIXED: Google map issue

ADDED: Add category classified type
ADDED: 2 extra modules (Category Module for Properties and Cars)

UPDATED: [$TABSINFO] reupdate the rating summary that now include the person and its comments
UPDATED: Moving the required field asterisk near the server control

FIXED: Hits value in custom module list
FIXED: Updated TAGS Keywords TabID
FIXED: Admin classified search for company field
FIXED: the insurance types list is wrong (note you will need to repopulate the list items, by deleting the current list and re-add manually, or you can do a setup wizard to repopulate the list)
FIXED: When editing a city field in gridview, the city zip code displaying zipcode instead of city code
FIXED: Bookmarklist title is missing
FIXED: Price sorting dropdownlist issue
FIXED: Show no of available images to be uploaded when creating new classified for members
FIXED: RSS Feed for category
FIXED: Search car list settings
FIXED: button back in member edit profile section
FIXED: admin homepage view url link (before always go to generic classified list module)

ADDED: Quick tools for email templates to update sender email for all classified types
ADDED: Category Image Listing and Category Listing can now hide number of total classifieds belong to each category
ADDED: Export Import tools
ADDED: Featured Expired, Priority Listing, Priority Listing Expired, Latitude and Longitude
ADDED: Country, State, and City on Search Properties and Cars
ADDED: Disable Fields, admin can now specify which fields can be disabled for editing (for members only)
ADDED: Quick Link Edits for member and admin

UPDATED: Classified Maps module for generic, property and cars will be hide, if there are no listing records
UPDATED: Google Map version 3 is now used. Additional option to specify the icon and shadow icon.

FIXED: Wrong email template used POP Up Rating
FIXED: Admin Advanced Settings - Classified Type Dropdownlist doesnt do anything when selecting different classified type
FIXED: Result found label has been removed when viewing an ad details in customclassifiedlist module
FIXED: Edit profile for member and admin panel
FIXED: Email settings for Car classifieds
FIXED: CustomClassifiedList module issue

UPDATED: Jquery file has been removed. Note: if you are still using version 4.x.x that does not include jquery file, you have to add this manually.
UPDATED: Classifications for cars and properties are no longer automatically create unless you do so in Setup Wizard
UPDATED: Price symbol and properties have been added
UPDATED: New Client section has been added
UPDATED: UserID textbox is now included in the admin classified panels (For searching)
UPDATED: Update password now included in Edit client section
UPDATED: Admin can view classifieds by client id in Client section

ADDED: Resources for new generic listing, new property listing, and new car listing have been added.
ADDED: You can now configure to hide unused fields in gridview listing for member and admin panel
ADDED: Tokens Widget and TabsInfo

FIXED: Show paypalink value
FIXED: All labels for custom fields and custom links fields are empty/missing
FIXED: Added resources for csutom link like send email, or report abuse on all custom quick modules.

FIXED: Missing map icon
FIXED: View active and pending links is not working in member panel
FIXED: Classified packages are now fixed
FIXED: Google Map is not renderly properly in IE
FIXED: Edit youtube video list (in new classified)
FIXED: Missing png icons in member panel
FIXED: Sort field dropdownlist (Price)
FIXED: Dropdownlist error for Custom Car and Properties Classified List

FIXED: License Types labels are missing
FIXED: Rating issue
FIXED: Member message missing userid issue

ADDED: Car Classifieds
ADDED: Properties Classifieds
ADDED: New Payment Gateway Authorized.Net, Pay Via Phone, Money Order/Cheque
ADDED: Clients Section
ADDED: Sales Section
ADDED: Setup Wizard
ADDED: Query String for glossary (accept gloss as query string)
ADDED: The following new modules
*** CarClassifiedList
*** CarClassifiedMaps
*** ClassifiedReviewList
*** CustomCarClassifiedList
*** CustomPropertyClassifiedList
*** PropertiesClassifiedMaps
*** PropertyClassifiedList
*** QuickCarList
*** QuickPropertyList
*** SearchCars
*** SearchProperties
ADDED: Setup Wizard that will help you easily upgrade or restore current settings

UPDATED: Show More Categories link is now added
UPDATED: New message/inbox interface

FIXED: Google Map marker is now centered properly
FIXED: Paging url is now added in custom classified list
FIXED: Admin search has been fixed
FIXED: Description field is empty
FIXED: Hide dropdownlist option on search box

UPDATED: Forgot to add tabname in control setting tab information
UPDATED: Fixed the category cache total products
UPDATED: Payment information text has now been encoded
UPDATED: Add Paypal reference on the payment reference field.
UPDATED: [$DOWNLOADFILE] token is now added in Control Panel > Settings > Hide Classified Display Details Fields Section
UPDATED: Download note is now added

FIXED: Tabbing issue in classified details page (no longer jumping effect)

ADDED: Paging.ascx.resx resource file for paging. The text like prev,next,first,last is no longer hard coded.

- FIXED: Edit city zipcode
- FIXED: Control panel menu issue on DNN version 5.5.1
- FIXED: total record numbers for location listing (when delete a classified, the total record is not updated)
- FIXED: link1, link2, and link3 is updated wrongly in Edit a classified section
- FIXED: Resource messages for CustomClassifiedList
- FIXED: Tags visibility in classified details page
- FIXED: Admin And Member Control TabID error that cause the URL in funny format
- FIXED: Admin New Classified control is missing required field price message
- FIXED: Coupon is not displayed properly
- FIXED: Required field message for price field is missing

- UPDATED: Price now is currency format ex: 10,000.00
- UPDATED: Disable validation event for Upload Image buttons
- UPDATED: Forget to add TopRatingForCustomClassifiedList

- ADDED: Add Tab Name on the control settings to help easier identifying the page
- ADDED: Simple ControlPanel Settings is now added

- FIXED: In IE the default DNNInfo button is in weird looks, and the module.css has been updated to fix this
- FIXED: ClassifiedList Settings is now included (Forgot to add)
- FIXED: Bug for stored procedures DNNInfo_Classifieds_UpdateCountryFromDNNList And DNNInfo_Classifieds_UpdateStateFromDNNList

- UPDATED: Category can now be hidden if there are no listings (this applies to categorylisting, custom categorylisting and categoryimagelisting module)
- UPDATED: In CategoryImageListing Module, you can now specify how many categories you want to display.
- UPDATED: Location countries,states, and cities can now be hidden if there are no listings
- UPDATED: Starting from 3.4.0, I added a qualifier version number of the .config file name
- UPDATED: Update Stored Procedure DNNInfo_Classifieds_GetCategoriesByParentID and set the sort order by category name instead of category sort order
- UPDATED: QuickClassifiedList => Update url friendly for the image

- ADDED: Alert javascript confirmation box for user if they want to load default email templates and settings (added to the button)
- ADDED: Alert javascript confirmation box for loading countries and regions from DNN list
- ADDED: DNN Search function
- ADDED: Quick Tools for creating Categories, Countries, States, and Cities
- ADDED: Online License is now included (for 30 trial full functionals)

- Fixed: Issue about city, state in classified form has been fixed
- Fixed: Ask Question resource control is now added in config file
- Fixed: Ask question name and email fields are now displayed
- Fixed: Issue redirection on PayPal (once a payment is completed)
- Fixed: when ask a question a subject is not recorded in database

- Updated: Added .00 (decimal currency) to the price

- ADDED: Add Table PayPalResponse (Record the payment response for paypal IPN)

- FIXED: Admin statistic page that include classified draft as part of the live classifieds
- FIXED: AdminNewListing is now included
- FIXED: When adding new classified in Admin Control Panel, missing draft value
- FIXED: Javascript issue with Google maps
- FIXED: Find DNNInfo Module TabID stored procedure
- FIXED: Tag search (ignore semicolon or comma)
- FIXED: Member Classified paging issue
- FIXED: Save featured issue in new listing for member (when not require payment)
- FIXED: Add page index (query string) when click links for report abuse or email friend
- FIXED: Maximum additional images is not applied when creating new listing
- FIXED: CustomQuickClassifiedList TabID issue
- FIXED: PriceRangeListing TabID issue

- ADDED: Control Title Settings (For DNN5.X.X)
- ADDED: CategoryListSettings.ascx control
- ADDED: AskQuestion.ascx.resx
- ADDED: CustomClassifiedList Module
- ADDED: Admin can now customise resource string for email friend and report abuse messages (when users are not authorised to perform this action)
- ADDED: Youtube videos in the classified forms
- ADDED: Coupons in the classifiied forms
- ADDED: Add random, feature option, specific categories into CustomQuickClassifiedList, QuickClassifiedList, ClassifiedMaps Module
- ADDED: add specific categories into customclassifiedlist and classifiedlist module, this settings will be ignored if there is cid (querystring) in URL
- ADDED: Advertiser can now link the paypal payment on their classified
- ADDED: CustomCategoryListing Module
- ADDED: CategoryImageListing Module

- UPDATED: Add classified short description as MetaTag Description and classified keywords
As MetaTag Keyword When viewing a classified details,
- UPDATED: Set no of records by default 10 records for (classified list module)
- UPDATED: Add 40records value into the dropdownlist (classified list module)
- UPDATED: Module now will work 100% full version in localhost (for development)
- UPDATED: For keyword separation, both comma or semicolon can be used to separate the tag
- UPDATED: Separate the ask question user control from classifiedlist user control
- UPDATED: Rating is now moderated by admin, you can now disable autoapprove if want to moderate the ratings
- UPDATED: When send an email to friend or report a violation of specific classified, textbox for name and email will be disabled if the role is set to registered users
- UPDATED: Download file issue in IE has been fixed
- UPDATED: Country and states in New/Edit listing for admin and member is now using ajax to populate the state and cities list
- UPDATED: Reddit icon has now been added

FIXED: Issue with the additional images in admineditlisting and membereditlisting section has been solved. Previously it wont allow you to add new image.

FIXED: Issue about the number of pending classifieds in member home section. Previously it showed 1 pending classified, even though you have not submitted a classified.

FIXED: MainImage is now can be set as required field. Previously if you set this as required field, it will be ignored

UPDATED: Separate the SMTP settings based on portal settings or host settings.
If you host multiple websites, this will be handy as i have separated the settings.

UPDATED: Now add the ability to change no images path.
You can now define your own noimage for the classified module

UPDATED: Messages in Member home is now displayed based on the role definition in admin sections
Lets say if you disable the ask question feature, there is no point to display messages on Member Section page. So I hide this panel, if the message feature is disabled

UPDATED: Sort Option dropdownlist text is now editable via ResourceMessages section
You can change the text for ex: Latest Modules to Latest articles without have to modify the resource file. I think this will be more handy.

UPDATED: Add package feature in classified package
I have added a field called featured in classified package. This will be handy if you want to have two separate packages where one is featured listing and the other is not.

ADDED: Admin now has the ability to add new listing.
Admin now can add new listing instead of using the member panel module to add new listing.

- UPDATED: Graph bar is now showing based on the title/name ascending order
- UPDATED: Admin States list is now sorted based on Stateorder
- UPDATED: Remove css class for label message in member create/edit listing (when loading the page)
- UPDATED: Sort Option dropdownlist is now manageable
- UPDATED: Remove GoogleZoomPoint and replace the setting name with GoogleMapZoomPoint

- FIXED: Admin Cities zipcode
- FIXED: Custom token [$URL] => include double domain repeation
- FIXED: Member Listing Paging URL
- FIXED: Update the check settings to be loaded in ControlPanel
- FIXED: CustomQuickClassifiedList that show the draft classified
- FIXED: Search Keyword
- FIXED: Send Email issue (Forgot to add login authentication details)
- FIXED: Email field in classified form is set to user email instead of classified email
- FIXED: Some tokens are not fully replaced in subject title when Ask a question
- FIXED: Dropdownlist for City is not selected properly

- ADDED: Search Location module
- ADDED: Multiple Google maps

- FIXED: [$URL] Token does not include the domain name
- FIXED: Ask question bug

- FIXED: Ask question and rating message is missing to notify you that you are the owner of the classifieds so ask question and ration is no required
- FIXED: Some messages of resourcemessages are not fully applied
- FIXED: Category count is wrong

- FIXED: Ask question bug
- FIXED: Hide Question still appear even has been set to false

- FIXED: Location listing to automatic locate the classified page
- FIXED: Add message for no classified posted for member classifieds panel
- FIXED: Quick Classified List Tag Name contains + instead of space
- FIXED: Add clear both css on keyword tags that cause items under this tag will float to the left
- FIXED: Add class to DNNInfo_Tabs ul and li as it cause any ul li inside this tab will have the same css effect. module.css updated
- FIXED: Custom link3 that display link2 instead link3
- FIXED: Load Default button in Admin email templates cause validation has been turn off. And the position of this button has been moved on the top
- FIXED: Hide Additional Images in form
- FIXED: Fixed ask question tab header still displayed even has been forced hide
- FIXED: Price is not hidden before even has been forced hide
- FIXED: Download is not hidden before even has been forced hide
- FIXED: Opening Hours and Payment accepted fields are not saved (for new classified)
- FIXED: When editing a classified, the active field is set based on setting (overwrite)
- FIXED: Label Status in Admin classifieds page
- FIXED: Checkbox Published (has been set to unticked) when create a new classified
- FIXED: License Type (has been set to 0) when create a new classified
- FIXED: Hide blue bar for paging links in Member classified list if there is no paging available
- FIXED: Tidy up Paging bar for admin settings page
- FIXED: Decode Email template content
- FIXED: Paging Links for classified list is missing the querystring for category id
- FIXED: Admin menu issue
- FIXED: Google adsense occurance issue
- FIXED: Error when clicking classifieds page due to users table prefix is Users is missing
- FIXED: Category Name tokens by updating sql procedures

- UPDATED: Move AutoApprove setting to ClassifiedSetting Group
- UPDATED: When performing a search in admin classified page using redirect option instead of postback
- UPDATED: Hide bottom btnback button in reviewing rating page (Admin)
- UPDATED: Add class to btnback button in reviewing rating page (Admin)
- UPDATED: Change emailtemplatename ContactAdvertiserToMember to ContactAdvertiserForMember
- UPDATED: Change emailtemplatename ReportAbuseToAdmin to ReportAbuseForAdmin
- UPDATED: Change emailtemplatename ReportAbuseToMember to ReportAbuseForMember
- UPDATED: Change emailtemplatename EmailFriendToFriend to EmailFriendForFriend
- UPDATED: Change emailtemplatename EmailFriendToAdmin to EmailFriendForAdmin
- UPDATED: AdminClassified GridView HeaderText is now placed in resource file
- UPDATED: Add price symbol in member classified list
- UPDATED: Add price symbol in admin classified list
- UPDATED: Search Textbox Input characters has been limited to 20 characters

- ADDED: Make search button as default button in admin classified page when hit an ENTER button
- ADDED: Setting called "ShortenWebsiteURL" for ClassifiedDisplayList Group Setting
- ADDED: Default country setting in ClassifiedForms Group
- ADDED: New Setting Group called ClassifiedSettings
New Settings added:
UseClassifiedExpireDate (True or False)
AutoApprove (Move in this group settings)
AutoApproveForPaidClassified (You can force to not set to auto approved for paid classified)
PaymentMethod (currently only support PayPal Standard)
PayPalPaymentMode (Live or Test Mode)
PayPalCurrencyCode (USD, EUR, HKD, AUD, etc)
PayPalCountryCode (AU, US, UK, etc)
PayPalLiveUrl (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?)
PayPalSandBoxUrl (https://www.sandbox.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?)
PayPalCurrencyCode (USD, EUR, HKD, AUD, etc)

- ADDED: New ResourceMessage Group
- ADDED: [$URL] => automatically replace this token with classifed detail url page
- ADDED: Email template notification to member and admin if a classified has been paid via PayPal.
- ADDED: New Gallery Image called PrettyPhoto has been added to replace current lightbox gallery (this is a better version as only contain one js file)
- ADDED: Help Link in Admin Home section
- ADDED: Category Statistic (Specific Date Range, Today, This week, This month and This year Statistic)
- ADDED: Viewed Classified Statistic (Specific Date Range, Today, This week, This month and This year Statistic)
- ADDED: Search Statistic (Specific Date Range, Today, This week, This month and This year Statistic)
- ADDED: Download Statistic (Specific Date Range, Today, This week, This month and This year Statistic)

_ NOTES: Starting from version 3.0.0, the free version will have a limitation such as:
*** MAXIMUM Categories are set up to 5 only

- Images for rating is now changed to .PNG
I added extra half rating star,
ex: if the rating is is between 4 to 5 it will return 4.5 stars
- Add currency symbol in quick classified listing
- Fix price range listing
- fix location listing that still show deleted classified
- better handling in placing javascript and css using built in registerscript
- Add checkbox list for easy deletion in admin countries, states, and cities
- In admin states section, Add country selector to filter the states
- In admin city sections, add country and cities selector to filter the cities
- add checkbox list for easy deletion in admin categories
- change default.aspx to url friendly name.
ex: /tabid/1/id/1/default.aspx to /tabid/1/id/1/my-classified-title.aspx
- Tidy up address and personal information. Plus add extra icons for phones, address, name, fax, email, etc..
- Adding up email address on the classified list
- arrow.gif has been made to transparent
- increase height of text editor for classified listing (for easy modification)
- add keyword tags
- In admin edit listing, i added contact advertiser details (firstname, lastname and their email)
- change notify message when someone make a rating (wrong message)
- Admin can now contact advertiser for more information

- Fix cleaning tools that deleted all the download files.
- Fix RSS feed links
- Fix report abuse and email friend (keep saying you are not authorised to proceed)
- Update AdminSettings usercontrol (missing title and update message when clicking Load default settings button)
- Fix socialbookmarking page title

VERSION v2.0.0
- Fix category counter, the total classifieds are mismatch with the number listed on the category list
- Remove setting RatingendEmailToAdmin (wrong spelling) should be RatingSendEmailToAdmin
- fix customfield label that does not show up
- fix admincategory result paging, if there are no categories (it will show an empty blue line)
- fix SEO Admin category update. The seo keyword is not updated properly.
- Portal ID is now included in the classified List (so it will not listed if the DNN have multiple portals installation)
- fix Upload download file issue (forgot to get the download size max info)
- Fix delete message problem when viewing the message details

Features (COMPLETED):
- Adding license information. If user want to remove the links back to our site can simple upload a xml license on the site
- Price symbol is now changeable. In the settings you can change the currency sign as you like.
- Add socialbookmarking on the site. Social boomarking is editable, by default there are 7 bookmarks which are facebook, digg, delicious, myspace, twitter, bebo, reedit
- Send email to friend - user can now send the classified information to friends
- Abuse report - User can now report the abused/violated classified to admin or member who post the classified
- Export/Import XML settings. Admin can now save the settings value and can anytime performing an import settings if required.
- rss feeds. Each category now has a rss feed so user can check if there are any new classified posted.
- Add category level selector in admin category. This will help alot for admin so it can now the search result.
- New admin templates for send email and abuse report
- Export/Import Email templates, user can now save their email templates and can re-import at any time
- Add Price filter
- City, States and Country are now configurable
- Google Map

VERSION v1.1.4
- Fix SQL Procedure DNNInfo_Classifieds_GetTotalClassifieds that cause problem if DNN database is installed using prefix

VERSION v1.1.3
- Add portal Id to category list so it will not list all categories for all portals
- Fix price display issue that can not be hidden even though in the settings has been set to hidden

VERSION v1.1.2
- Add cookies to admin categories dropdownlist selection viewer
- Fix stored procedures get total categories that cause the paging bar is not showed up.
- update module.css
- Fixing admin listing panel where the search did not work properly. Add classified title on the search panel.

VERSION v1.1.1
- Adding paging on classifiedlist.ascx control
- Remove $AU in Admin classifieds page
- MOdify the module.css for Paging bar style

VERSION v1.1.0
- Fix bug on sql execution for version DNN v.4.9.5
- Fix View Messages on member
- Auto populate name and email for ask question if user already login
- Redirect to classified list page if user try to view unpublished classified
- Fix reply message content message

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