04.02. Control Panel Module - Payment Settings
11 Jan 2014 10:23:00 AM

This section represent the payment settings for the modules. There are about 5 payment methods available. For the credit card payment methods, you will be able to setup different types of payment gateway like EWay (Australia), NetCash, and Authorize.Net.

1. Payment Settings

To activate which payment methods you want to make it available on the website, simply tick the payment method tick boxes. You will be able to specify which type of credit card types allowed on the site. There is a field called Credit Card Types. Lets say if you want to accept Visa and Master cards only, you just need to type in Visa, MasterCard (Separated by comma).

2. Payment Gateway Settings

If you set credit card payment as one of your preferred payment method on the website, you have to specify the payment gateway in the dropdownlist.

3. PayPal Settings

The module only support PayPal Standard at the moment, If you want to do a testing, you can use the sandbox paypal email to test the payment. Once everything has already been set up, if you want to set it to live payment, you just need to tick the PayPal Live Status

4. EWAY Settings

In the module section, we have included extra note to guide you on how to use it. By default the value listed in the module is sandbox account (testing account) and it is ready to be used. Note: In order to make a testing payment successful, you have to use 4444333322221111 as the credit card number and the total payment has to be rounded numbers for ex: 100, 200, 210. Decimal values are ok, but it has to be ended up with 08 ex: 20.08, for more details please visit http://www.eway.com.au.

5. Authorize.Net Settings

To do a testing payment using AuthorizeNet, you will need to register an account from the following site developer.authorize.net. Once you have registered, you will be provided login account ID and the transaction key. Remember once you are ready for the live payment, do not forget to set the Payment Status to live by ticking the checkbox and enter your live login account and transaction key

6. NetCash Settings

If you want to use sandbox account for NetCash, You will need to request a testing temporary account from Net Cash directly. The testing credit card will use the following information (Please note: to double check this information once you received from Net Cash directly). Successful Response: CCNo – 4242424242424242 EXP - 12/2009 CVC – 123 Failed Response: CCNo – 5221001010000024 EXP - 12/2009 CVC – 123 (this will fail with a reason of Call). Post payment gateway will be: https://gateway.netcash.co.za/vvonline/ccnetcash.asp. For more details please visit their site.

7. Bank Transfer Settings

This bank transfer details can be included as part of your email token. The token to be used is [$BANKTRANSFERINFORMATION]. Let's say when someone has posted a listing and choose bank transfer as a payment method, you may want to include your bank transfer details, so when the email sent out to the users, they will be able to see those details and make the payment.

8. Cheque Money Order Settings

This will work the same like Bank Transfer settings. The token to be used is [$CHEQUEORMONEYTRANSFERINFORMATION].

9. Pay Via Phone Settings

This will work the same like Bank Transfer settings. The token to be used is [$PAYVIAPHONEINFORMATION].

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