04.03. Configuring Classified Forms
11 Jan 2014 10:25:00 AM

To configure classified form, you will need to go to Control Panel > Settings > Form Settings.

To make the fields appear in the classified form, you have to untick the token checkboxes. For ex: you want to display the address, city, state and country fields in the form, what you have to do is to untick the checkboxes [$CITY], [$STATE], [$CITY], [$COUNTRY]

Required Field Options

You also have options to make the fields marked as required fields, what you have to do is to tick those checkboxes that you want to make them as required.

Disable Fields

This option will enable the system to disable some specific fields that can't be edited once it has published. This settings only apply to Member Panel section. This option is quite handy, if you want to make sure the advertiser cant change their classified title field for specific purposes.

Custom Fields

There are about 5 custom fields (normal textbox), 3 custom links (for website url), and another 3 custom textarea fields. To enable those fields, you just have to untick the token as explain above. You can also change the text label according to your needs. For Ex: you can change the label field 1 to Food Favourite.

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