05. Member Panel Module (DNIFCL Member Panel)
11 Jan 2014 10:52:00 AM

This is the user (customer) dashboard panel module. It will allows them to be able to manage their listings on the site.

There are 5 sections available on this module.

1. My Active Listings

This section will show all the available active listings included all the generic, cars and property listings. Note: in this sample, we activate all the classified types, that's why you can see all the three classified types available in here, otherwise it will be localized according to the settings. There are some filters available for ex: to see any pending classifieds on the site.

To add a new listing, please click the Add Generic/Car/Property link.

You can edit or delete the existing classified by click the pencil icon to edit and the bin icon to delete.

If a classified promotion is enabled by admin, you will be able to add extra features like highlight, priority listing and featured option on the site. Example can be shown on above image.

2. My Profile

In my profile section, you will be able to modify your profile details and additional profile images.

3. My Payments

In my payment section, you will be able to see the list of payments paid for your classifieds.

4. My Messages

All questions posted regarding with your classifieds will be stored into this section. You will be able to reply to the questioners and if they are registered users, the questioners will also receive the messages copied to their inbox.

5. My Settings

In my settings section, you will be able to specify your payment information. Only payment is available at the moment.

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