How to install DNNInfoAllModules?
24 Sep 2021 785 0
In order to install the DNNInfoAllModules. You need to login as super account. Once login, go to the left panel menu and look for Settins > Extensions.
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How to configure DNNInfoAllModules?
07 Oct 2021 811 0
Once the module has been installed. We need to create an admin page that will have access to the back end of the DNNInfoAllModules.
This module is called Admin Dashboard. It will list all of the available modules in one single screen. This module required an authorized access which means the user needs to login first before can use this module. It is recommended that you restrict the access for this module for Administrator account only. 
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How to install module license key?
04 Oct 2021 771 0
A license key is required when you run the DNNInfoAllModules. There are 3 types of module version available to purchase. 
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What is Article Module?
11 Dec 2021 770 0
Article Module provides a simple article/news list for your site.
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How to setup Classified module?
10 Feb 2022 780 0
To setup the classified module firstly you need to install the Admin Dashboard module. This will be the main access to all the DNNInfo modules. Please check the following link on how to install it on the page.
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How to setup Classified Properties module for public users?
09 Feb 2022 755 0
In this article, we are going to discuss on how to setup Classified Properties module for public users.
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What is Click Tracker module?
04 Oct 2021 765 0
Click Tracker module is used to track how many links being clicked on your site. You can mostly track anything from links, images, text etc.
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What is Content Protection module?
28 Oct 2021 755 0
Content Protection module is used to protect your site content by disabling the right click option of your mouse and ability to select text of your site content.
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What is Cookie Consent Module?
28 Oct 2021 734 0
Cookie Consent module provide a confirmation message to your visitor if they want to enable cookie to collect their personal data on your site.
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What is FAQs module?
29 Oct 2021 752 0
FAQs module allows you to create a simple FAQ question and answer for your site visitor.
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