07.03. DNIFCL Car Quick List Module
11 Jan 2014 11:19:00 AM

DNIFCL Quick Car List is only use to display a quick list of listings (NO Details Listings). Therefore when you click the listing link, it will be redirected to DNIFCL Car Classified List or DNIFCL Custom Classified List module. This module usually is placed on the homepage to let your users know what is the latest listings added on the site. Note: you can set the default sort option in this module.

Modules Settings

There is a module setting available on this module and we will list of what options are available.

To go to the module settings, you will need to login first as administrator or any account that has been granted access to use this module.

1. Details Page TabID Settings

By default, you dont need to specify the tab id in here, as the module will automatically locate where the DNIFCL Car Classified List or DNIFCL Custom Car Classified List module is installed. This option is a good option to use if you install more than once DNIFC Car Classified List or DNIFC Custom Car Classified List modules on the site. Lets say you install this module on the homepage and listings page. When someone click the listing link on the homepage you want the user to be redirected to a specific page.

2. Themes Setting

Themes is another new featured added on version 4.1.0, where user be able to change all the styles of the module. If you want to use your own module, it is recommended that you copy all the folder and files and renamed it to other name and the new theme name should be displayed in here. The themes for this modules are located under /DesktopModules/DNNInfo_Classifieds/Skins/QuickCarList

3. No of classifieds display

You can set what will be the default no of records for this module.

4. Show featured classifieds

Tick this will only show featured classifieds only.

5. Sort Field

You can set what will be the default sort field for this module.

6. Sort Order

You can set what will be the default sort order for this module.

7. Random Classifieds

You can random the classifieds if you want. Note: you need to set the Total random records in the next settings.

8. Total random records

If you set 20 on this value, the records that will only be randomed from the list is 20 records.

9. Template

You can set your own template in here. For more details about Tokens, please visit the Tokens Template replacement page.

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