07.09. DNIFCL Loan Calculator Module
11 Jan 2014 02:46:00 PM

DNIFCL Loan Calculator module is another utility module that will help your visitors to know exactly the repayment amount when they borrow a loan. They will be able to specify the loan amount, interest rate, terms or length of the loan and also frequency of the payments. This module is good to use for Car and Properties classifieds.

Modules Settings

There is a module setting available on this module and we will explain what options are available.

To go to the module settings, you will need to login first as administrator or any account that has been granted access to use this module.

1. Themes Setting

Themes is another new featured added on version 4.1.0, where user be able to change all the styles of the module. If you want to use your own module, it is recommended that you copy all the folder and files and renamed it to other name and the new theme name should be displayed in here. The themes for this modules are located under /DesktopModules/DNNInfo_Classifieds/Skins/LoanCalculator

2. Default Loan Amount

Set the default value of loan amount.

3. Default Interest rate

Set the default value of interest rate.

4. Default frequency of Payment

Set the default frequency of loan payment.

5. Header Text

This text will appear on above of the loan calculator or know as heading text.

6. Currency Symbol

You can set the currency symbol in here.

7. Maximum term of loan

You can set the maximum term of loan.

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