Frequently Ask Questions
22 Dec 2021 21 0

1. Where are the old DNNInfo Modules?

The old DNNInfo modules will be gradually converted into the newer DNNInfoNV version due to the newer assembly of DNN has been used which is version DNN 7.2.0.

2. Do I get a free upgrade?

Yes, you will get the free upgrade if you purchase the latest old DNNInfo Modules. Please see the following table information for the eligible upgrade. Please note: free upgrade for Standard Version will apply to the domain you have registered for the module. If it is a different domain name, it will be considered as a discount upgrade. Any free upgrade for old purchase modules will only be eligible to version 1.0.0 (new version).

Old DNNInfo Module Old Version New DNNInfoNV Module New Version
DNNInfo Classifieds 4.2.0 (higher) DNNInfoNV Classifieds 1.0.0 (this version only)

3. Do I get a discount if I want to upgrade or renew?

Yes, you will get 50% discount if you do the renewal for the same type of license. For example: if you purchase the standard version and want to renew it, you will receive 50% discount. For different type of license, you just need to pay the remaining difference. For more information, you can contact support[@] for more details. 

4. How long the free upgrade will apply?

The free upgrade will apply for 1 year after the activation date.

5. What is the minimum requirement to install DNNInfoNV modules?

You will need a minimum DNN version of 7.2.0 in order to install our modules.

6. How can we get the license key?

Once you have purchased the standard module from DNN store, we will email to you to send us the domain name. For Enterprise and Source Code version, license key is not required. You can download the files directly from DNN store.

7. What is the license type?

License Type Standard Enterprise Source Code + Enterprise Edition
Installation Type 1 domain name or 1 sub domain name Unlimited domain names or sub domain names Unlimited domain names or sub domain names
Free Upgrade * 1 year after activation date. *1 year after activation date. *1 year after activation date.
Redistribution You and your clients (Binaries only) You and your clients (Binaries only) You and your clients (Binaries only, Source code not included)
Email support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited